Should They Really See It?

Posting Images

Who could this image reach?

Your about to post a picture...Think. Are you happy with Everyone you know seeing this?

Can you have your role model see this image and be Ok with them seeing this?

Will this effect my everyday life or future in anyway (career/School)?

Big image

Where will the image go?

Do you really know what will happen to this picture?

Somebody far away you have never met before could have the image.

Are you Ok with this image going far into the internet without you knowing?

People can and probably will copy. So... Are you Ok with the image going that far out there?

"Think Before You Post" - Internet Safety Commercial

What will you do next?

Will you... Post it knowing you are ok with anyone and everyone seeing the Image?

Or you won't post it knowing you are not happy with everyone to view the image?

Always think before you post!