Anarchy! It stinks.

By: Jacob Reis, Block 3

Anarchy is just wrong!

The only people who should want an Anarchy is murderers and thieves, since there are no laws. Riots erupt all the time, and the few who try to make themselves a government will just be attacked by everyone in the country.

You know who wants an Anarchy when they write a big "A" within a circle; the symbol of Anarchy.

Their "rights"

The only bright side of an Anarchy is that you have all the rights that could physically be made. Or, if you look at it with a broad mind, than you could also think of it as having no rights. If you want the right to breathe, or slaughter any innocent person you see fit, an Anarchy is the government for you. As you can see, it's almost impossible to survive for long in an Anarchy.


The only people who would thrive in the place like an Anarchy would be assassins. They'd love the constant jobs flowing in from the hateful people of the Anarchy! Are you so low as to be an assassin? If not, then I'd recommend getting out of there before you get slaughtered!