Enslaved People

By: Serena and Eva

Enslaved peoples work

the work they did was not at all enjoyable yet they had enough to survive even when they worked they worked from dawn to dusk and even on holidays they usually worked only on weekdays and sometimes had to work on weekends

The Punishments they Got

the punishment they got was wiping them and other things that could happen the the enslaves of the 1700 humans got sold for 2,483$

Enslaved Abuses

*the first one is inappropriate abuse.Inappropriate abuse is when the woman would not get whipped they got the worst thing is inappropriate abused*

*the next thing was neglect. neglect is when the men and woman didn't get any any any!!! support not enough food for there tum tum*

*mentally abused is when they get beating by a rope and gets hanged or other things.....

Slavery (History)
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enslaved songs

the enslaved sang songs to cheer them up they sung ruun thunder storm and all another ones its really sad they had to suffer this
Oh Freedom! - The Golden Gospel Singers (Lyrics in Description)