By Sammy Seppanen

The dream vacation

I am going to Madagascar for my vacation for a few days and bringing a few friends. It is located in Africa on the left side of it. It has a large population of strange trees.

Interesting facts

  • It is the fourth largest island in the world
  • It has a large population of lemurs
  • It has two seasons
  • Millions of years ago It was part of Africa it disconnected from continental drift
  • It was home to the worlds largest bird the elephant bird
  • There is a poor country
  • Madagascar lost 90% of its natural forest when people came there
  • There is a tropical rain forest on the eastern side
  • It highest mountain is Maromokorto
  • It has two official languages

Travel there

I will ride a plane there, it is about 20 hours to get there. I will take my family with me. We are going to stay 10 days there in a hotel

Where I am staying

I will be staying in a hotel called the La Residence du Rova. People who go their are very satisfied about the hotel. It is close to restaurants. Laundry is fast and the WIFI is fast and has a lot of strength. I would pack my clothes and tooth brush and a few thing to go into the wild to look around there in their rainforests. My dogs, camera, and DvD


all of it will cost $12372. Hotel will cost me $120. Money I spend there will cost $1500. Food will cost $852. Total cost of travel is $9892.



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