Camp Can Do News

April 29, 2016

Little Free Library Dedication

THANK YOU!!!! The campers and I are so excited to have the LFL open and ready for readers! The pride and excitement was overflowing on Wednesday and continued on through the week! It meant so much for the campers to have a group of friends and loved ones to share the big day with! Completing this project was such a high point for them! I am beyond proud of their hard work, perseverance, and teamwork. Even as late as Wednesday morning, they were tweaking their presentation so all campers could have a speaking part during the dedication! I am collecting pictures. If you have any to share please send them in! Look for them on SeeSaw and in our newsletter!

Traditional Literature and Poetry

Our story, Two of Everything, had many of the structures we had brainstormed about traditional literature. We found magic, the pot could make a copy of anything. The main characters lived in a village, were poor but hard working, and had to decide how to use an unexpected power. The campers created their own lessons we could learn from the story as well. Comparing this story to Stone Soup gave us another lesson to learn!

Our discussion has even taken us to Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Magic Treehouse Tales. Readers of this series have written and brought to our reading discussions the similarities these stories have to traditional literature. Could these be new traditional literature tales? The evidence is growing!

I really enjoyed reading their homework assignment and the many ways they would use the magic pot too! We continue to read and work with traditional literature. If you have any of these tales at home, feel free tossed them in. We have seen a few already!

Our poetry unit has come to an end! The poets of Camp Can Do had a chance to publish a few of their poems of our celebration on Friday. They used a collection of papers, letters, ribbons, magazine words and much more to put their favorites into final form! We meet in Discovery Cove and had a poetry reading. Each camper shared their favorites, using the Elmo presenter, telling us why they chose their poems, and then we all listened and gave our 'snaps' of appreciation. I hope you found their poetry notebooks on Friday!

All About Math

Fractions in a Set Two Ways

We will finish fractions this week and take our unit 8 assessment. Our focus is mixed numbers and addition and subtraction with fractions as well as looking at the similaritites between decimals and fractions. The campers worked hard at discovering equivalent fractions using their fraction cards. They discovered a few things when it comes to equivalent fractions:

*You can use division and multiplication to find out equivalent fractions.

*If you know your halves, you can find equivalents to 1/2 super fast! Counting patterns help with equivalent fractions. ex. 1/3, 2/6, 3/9, 4/12

*You can use fractions that are not equivalent to help you see what is. ex: 1/4 is not equal to 1/8 but if you add one more 8th you can get to the equivalent.

* If you are not sure about an equivalent fraction, pick now that seems close and then use guess and check.

Deep thinking math minds at work!

Fact Fluency Practice:

Here is the link to Kakooma, Math Magician, and Math Fact Practice! Play Kids Games. Kakooma Math Magician Math Fact Practice

Everyday Math website for great practice in fact fluency and math skills. Usernames and passwords are inside your camper's binder.

✨Congratulations Corner

Lots to celebrate this week!

*Cougar Crew Member: Congratulations to Timmy C. for his nomination this week! He was nominated for the skill of dependability!

*Our LFL is open and ready for readers!! Come visit and spread the word!

đź“…For Your Calendar

May 9-15; Disabilities Awareness Week: “Just Say Hi”

Culver’s Spirit Night (Tuesday, May 10th)

Cougar Choir Spring Concert (Wednesday, May 11th)

Last PTO Meeting of the school year (Wednesday, May 11th)

Hinkle Hey Day (Friday, May 13th)

Relay For Life @ Forest Park (May 14th)

5th Grade Finale (May 18th)