pioneer cdj 2000-nexus

tabletop cd/usb player

who is it for?

this top of the line CDJ is meant for professional dj's who want to get the best eccuipment, with the best quality and durability.
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the nexus version of the CDJ 2000 has a bigger display then its predecessor and that means that you can now get a lot more information at once. the thing you notice first is that you now have a full detailed waveform on the display and a countdown-bar on the top of the display.

why not go for the cheaper cdj 900 nexus?

the cdj 2000 nexus has a list of options that the cdj 900 nexus doesn't have. you have a tension adjustable jogwheel, needle search, the play and pause can both be braked independent, you have a full color screen, hot cue's, and a jogwheel with different colours for when a track is loaded or almost over.
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