The Discovery of Nuclear Fusion

By: Mitch Kent 12/9/15

Star Labs

Our staff at Star Labs research new forms of energy. For example we invented the renewable energy known as solar energy. This energy basically harnesses the energy of the sun to create electricity through solar panels. Enough of that though. You all have probably heard too much about that type of energy.

Nuclear Fusion

Recently we have figured out how to harness and use an unlimited energy that the sun uses to give us energy. This type of energy is called nuclear fusion. In nuclear fusion two atomic nuclei come close and collide at a very high speed to form a new nucleus. This form of energy allows us to get more energy from materials than we out in.

Nuclear Fusion and Where it Takes Place

Nuclear Fusion Vs. Nuclear Fission

Lot of you have probably heard of nuclear fission before but for the people who don't know are probably thinking, "what is nuclear fission?" Nuclear fission is also known as radioactive decay or nuclear reaction. This type of energy process is used in nuclear plants. Basically atoms are split down into smaller pieces which releases huge amounts of energy. Unfortunately this type of energy releases nuclear waste which is very harmful to humans. Unlike nuclear fission, nuclear fusion creates new atoms and does not create radioactive waste. This makes nuclear fusion better and more environmentally friendly.

Precautions When Dealing With Nuclear Fusion

To perform nuclear fusion you have to have elements moving at a very fast pace. This can cause explosions or elements flying around. You have to be careful and be able to contain the elements when they are moving.

Environmental Impacts

With this limitless and emission free energy we could basically fix a lot of the pollution problems in the world and completely replace all coal and nuclear plants. This technology could power the world for billions of years to come.
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