Element 92

Wanted for:WMD's and Nuclear energy

Uranium was discovered in 1789, in Berlin, Germany by Martin Heinrich Klaproth.

Description of uranium

Uranium is usually yellow/green and is usually found with other elements such as

Uranium is not particularly rare, it is more common than mercury and sliver.

Uranium is a solid at room temperature.

Uranium has an atomic mass of 230.029, and an atomic number of 92.

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Martin Heinrich Klaproth discovered uranium in 1789.

Eugène-Melchior Péligot was the first person to isolate the metal

Where is it found?

Uranium is mainly found in Australia, Kazakhstan, and Canada. Those 3 countries also have the largest stockpiles of the mineral.

Uranium is number 92 on the periodic table and can be found in the Actinide Series.

Uranium can be found everywhere, even in the soil outside your house, it is just in really small particles.

!!!Warning, Uranium is extremely unstable!!!

Uranium Compounds

Uranium can be commonly found with carnotite, and vanadium minerals.

when UF6 (uranium hexofluoride) comes into contact with water, it releases a corrosive gas called hydrogen fluoride.

This it the equation for uranium inside an atomic bomb 1n + 235U 140Ba + 93Kr + 3 1n


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