Welcome to the Team!

Anna Owensby Downline


First I want to say welcome to the team!!!!!! I know that some of you are still DIW but be patient I know its hard but the journey is worth it... I am sure with the constant wave of designers being released your time will be here before you know it!!!! Katie congratulations on flying!!!! You are going to do great things!

O2 Experience

Wow all I can say is this was AMAZING!!!!!! There are going to be some amazing new innovative products for Fall. If you have the chance you should work towards going to conference in 2014. It was truly inspiring, uplifting, educational and motivational. Ohhh and did I mention FREE Stuff. We received products that aren't even out!!!!

About Me

I am a single mom of a beautiful 8 year old daughter. I work for DIRECTV and sell Origami Owl. I am currently a Team Leader and working towards being a Senior Team Leader! I am Anna's mentor and when i came into Origami Owl I was an Orphan. I was lucky enough to get and amazing mentor Jennifer Lunsford and to be part of the HOME Team! My goal current goal is to pay for Christmas with cash. Please feel free to call, text, or email me anytime. I am always here to help support you!!!!

The picture is our small team at conference. Falon, Micheal, Kayla, and Hannah.

What are your Goals??? and a LITTLE Quiz

So I want you to send me an email of what your goals are with Origami Owl? Maybe Anna and I can help you come up with a plan to reach those!

What do you think H.O.M.E. stands for?

Why do you think that i used sheet music as the background?