2015 Year in Review

Dillon G.

3 Best Marketed Companies

Red Bull - This brand has a tendency to host extreme sports events all over the world. This gains them access to people and customers all over the world. They also don't use the normal 12 OZ can or a bottle. Red bull looks European, which translates to a better international presence.


Domino's - The company increased its international awareness by diversifying its menu by adding toppings like seaweed and fish in places like China and Japan. They are flexible from country to country which translates to more presence and being more renown in these countries. This is truly a genius marketing technique. They eperienced a sales growth of 5% in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.


Nike - Nike spends money on sponsorships for tournaments and reaches a large audience through that. But the very innovative technique they use is that of the Nike Co creation tool on their website. They put the power of design into the customer, by doing this they can reach the tastes of all different cultures and reach an enormous audience.


Two Best and Two Worst Products of 2015

Sony PlayStation 4 - The product sold a wopping 23.5 million units as of 2015.

Iphone 6s - Sold over 100 million units

Nintendo's Wii U - Just broke 10 million units sold while it was released a FULL calendar year BEFORE the PS4

Galaxy s6 - Sold only 45 million units.





Top Two movies of 2015

StarWars: The Force Awakens - Has already made 1.5 Billion dollars. The hype built around it was intense and grasped everyones attention.


Spectre - Has made 8 hundred million dollars. The renowned name of 007 was used to build hype around the film


Top 2 Musical Artists

Logic - He released his sophomore album "The Incredible True Story" it got great critical reception and sold 135 thousand units.


Drake - Built an enormous amount of hype around his name. Putting out his mixtape "If your reading this its too late" and doing a collaborated mixtape with rapper "Future".

Top 10 Debut Sales Weeks for Hip Hop albums


1. Drake - If you're reading this its too late 495k

2. Kendrick Lamar - To pimp a butterfly 324k

3.Dr. Dre - Compton 276k

4. Meek Mill - Dreams worth more than money 215k

5. Big Sean - Dark Sky Paradise 139k

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Personal Improvement - I want to gain MORE MUSCLE

Friends - I want to hangout with friends more and have more fun

School - I want to get my B's to A's