Promotion of Healthy Relationships

By: Steven A3

What is a relationship?

A relationship is an emotional and physical bond between 2 people, closely connected by love, caring , honesty and give them all your respect. You always cheer them up when he/she is sad, show your support and willingness to be there when you are needed.

What is a healthy one?

Key elements in a real healthy one:
1. Truly love each other

2. You are reliable

3. Honesty

4. Care for each other
5. Spend money on each other
6. No secret- Not all the time

7. Give them their needed personal time/privacy

8. Don't cheat, if you don't like your partner then tell them and end it. Don't let them find out and they will be hurt badly.

9. Trust them

10. Talk to them, not every second but try to talk to them on a daily bases, therefore make them less lonely

11. Make him/her comfortable

12. Arguing with each other- most of the time it is good(small things), this show him/her that you really care for them
13. Touching your partner gently like rubing her cheek with your hand

Pros and Cons of a Healthy Relationship

1.You'll always have company

2.Your partner will be there

3. Self-esteem booster


5. Help you enjoy life
6.Less stress
7.You feel more secure
1.Your economics will decline
2.Less time for social life