Blended Family

By Jayla Wagner

Definition of a Blended family

a family consisting of a couple and their children from this and all previous relationships

Some bumps/ advantages you might encounter


Housing arrangements. Should you decide to move in together -or to get married- where will you live?

Compatibility of the soon to be step-parent and child. Does the child get along with the soon to be stepparent?

Parenting styles. One of the major reasons for divorce in a blended family is differences in parenting styles


Bigger family so you will never get bored

You are bound to find someone in the family to talk to if you need it

More people to get advice from when its needed

Your Mom/ Dad may be in a better mood due to being happy that they are with someone

This family would look like any other family they will have a dad, a mom, the thing is the children may not all have the same mother and father some may have the same father but a mother from the dad previous marriage or vice versa.They may also have some children that are from the other of them.

This family may have some problems in the beggining just because it is a big chance for some people to go from just maybe their mom and now they might have a dad and some brothers and sisters so you could have some children that might act out because they are so used to it being just the two of them and now they have to share their parent to not only a father but someone elses kids