Would You Like to Share Your Story?

Seeking 18-19 year old Hawaiian Youth for UH Manoa Study

What is the Research Study About?

Over the next few months, our research team will be talking with Native Hawaiian youth about teen pregnancy in their communities. We are also interested in hearing about how things go after keiki are born to teen moms and dads. Through telling your story, you can help us learn how to improve support for Hawaiian youth. The findings from this study are likely to affect services for teens who may want some help planning the timing of their families. Study findings are also likely to help improve services for Hawaiian youth who are parents and need a helping hand. You'll get a $25 gift card to CVS/Longs as a "thank you" gift for volunteering your time to the research study. Your identity will be kept confidential - your name will never be shared with your story. (UH Study ID: 23284)

Who is Eligible?

Native Hawaiian Men and Women raised in Hawai'i, who are aged 18 or 19 years old, and live on Oahu, Hawai'i Island, or Maui.

We are interested in talking with young adults with a range of experiences. You do not have to have had a baby as a teen to qualify. Not quite sure you're eligible? Feel free to call us.

Daytime and weekend times available. For more information, please contact Principal Investigator Dr. Liz Aparicio at 808-956-4929 or text 301-467-5374. You can also scan the QR code to request a call from us.