Federal Court Short Storie

Today we will take the grand tour of a federal court house!

So this is my grand tour!

you are a reporter who is going on a grand tour of the federal court that just opened up and to begin lets start with talking about the lawyers, basically they are really called U.S. Attorneys, they defend the guilty person who did a crime, and a us marshall is in charge of like making sure the judge is on time and doing his job, the magistrate judge is the judge who is under the real judge, life terms are what happens to someone that commits a crime, a precedent is another word for evidence or proof someone did something, a opinion is what someone thinks like a judgement on what that person based on what he did because of his criminal past, a remand circuit is a circuit with all of the evidence and proof, a Appellate Jurisdiction describes the characteristics and actions that the defendant has covered in the case, original jurisdiction is what the accused did at the scene of the crime and how they covered it up, district court of appeals is where everything is and located, well that sums up the tour thanks for reading!