Digital Citizenship Project

Jessica C. P.6

Rule#1: Digital Etiquette

* Be Kind online

* Don't type mean things online

Rule#2: Information Privacy

Don't give any personal information about your self

Rule#3: Social Networking

Don't trust anybody online unless you know them. Never accept any friend request

Rule#4: Online Safety

* Don't give out personal information like your phone number, school, name, where you live

*Keep your identity a secret

* Protect your passwords

Rule#5: Cyberbullying

* Never message back to a bully because they can hurt you more

* Always tell on somebody when they are hurting

* Be smart online

Rule#6: Plagiarism

*Plagiarism the act of someone else work that your copying

* Plagiarism is not allowed in college because you can get a F

* Always put it on your own words