Film and Video Editor

Were entertainment happens!

What is a Film and Video Editor?

Film and video edit soundtracks , film, and video for the motion picture, cable, and broadcast telvision industries

Whats something cool about it?

Estimates how long audiences watching comedies will laugh at each gag line or situation, to space scences appropriately.

How does Film and Video editing benefit society?

Help create a  polar bear documentary to raise awareness about their endangered status. Select and compile the most intriguing interviews to create a compelling documentary. Insert computer generated effects to create the ultimate car chase scene. Edit a movie down to a reasonable length to aviod boring the audience.

What education requirement and skills do you need to be a Film and Video Editor?

Film and Video editor usually acquire their skills through formal post secondary training at vocational schools, colleges, universites, or photographic institutes. A bachelors degree may be required for some positions, particularly those for film and video editors.

What personality needed to be a Film and Video Editor?

Creativity, originality, the ability to order information well.

What's Film and Video Editor annual salary or wages?

Film and Video Editor: 52,940Us mean annual wage: 45,230Min Wag: 15,080

How much Projected Job Growth?

More slowly than average ( 3% to 6%)

What companies that hire in this field?

CBS, CNN and the Walt Disney Company