Wholesale and Retail Buyer

NOC Code 6233

Brief description

Wholesale and Retail Buyers buy merchandise and services for resale to consumers at the wholesale and retail level. They have to analyze and study buying trends in the past, sales records, price and quality of merchandise or services and to come up with the value of it and how much profit will be made off of selling it. Their aim is to sell all their products so that it is not thrown away, sold to outlets or stays on selves of the store for a long times.


1)Train and supervise sales.

2)Tell the clerks what to print on price tags like the price, style number, mark ups or mark downs.

3)Decides what product or products should be put in advertisements on tv or/and newspapers.

4)watch competitors sales activities by following their advertisements in newspapers,tv and other sources of media.

5)Examine, select, order, and purchase at the best price merchandise that is consistent with quality, quantity.

6)Negotiate prices and arrange transportation for merchandise.

and many more.


Necessary skills: Reading comprehension, Management of financial skills, Judgment and Decision Making, Communication, and Leadership.

Recommended skills: Computer related skills like computer engineering, entrepreneurship skills, Human psychology.


The average rate per hour is around 24$ which is average in Canada but the more years put into the job the higher the rate per hour. The average salary per year in Canada is $49,085. A high rate per hour is around 40 and a low rate per hour is around 15$.
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Future Outlook

As of right now there are 5417 people looking for this job and 7779 job openings. By 2020 there will be 5648 people looking for this job and 7346 job opening there wont be much competition but the gap will be smaller.
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Employment requirements/Educational requirements

Completion of secondary school is required for both and job and college or university.You can have either A university degree or college diploma in business administration.There is a good college program at Niagara college called business International which takes 2 years and cost 5000 in total. A lot of the Stores and company's who hire wholesale and retail buyers look for several years of related retail sales experience.