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December, 2016: News & New Books!


If you need something to read during the holiday break, please stop by the library!

Here is a sampling of the new books that we have available:

Student Book Reviews on the Library Blog!

Throughout December and January, student book reviews will be posted on the library blog! These reviews were written as part of Mrs. Boyce's YA Literature elective, and they are "going live" with one review per school day appearing on the blog through mid-January. I'm thrilled to share our students' writing with the school community!
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Creative Writing + True Crime = Original Cold Case Stories!

Ms. Pickett recently collaborated on a "True Cold Case" unit with Ms. Watts for her Creative Writing class! The unit opened with a shared reading of Edgar Allan Poe's short story, "The Murders in the Rue Morgue." The students then viewed several episodes of true crime television programs The Jinx and Killing Fields, and discussed how these programs use the conventions of detective stories to create suspense, reveal clues, and implicate suspects. Finally, students read a model Cold Case short story before researching real unsolved mysteries and cold cases from right here in Pennsylvania. After choosing a case, students wrote their own short detective stories, incorporating clues, false leads, plot twists, and more! Here are some examples:


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December's Top 3 Books!

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