My Left Brain Dominance

by: Sheyne Onyango

My Hemispheric Dominance

When it took my hemispheric test I scored right brain 9 left brain 10


i like to arrange things in the way I would like for them to be

i am organized most of the time

Ex: -I clean my room every week sometime in the middle of the week if I have time

- keep my binder organized everyday

- try to stick to my daily schedule


I am more of a visual learner

I understand things better when ever I see it

fantasy orientated

whenever i am giver a project/ assignment i like to think outside the box

-i come up with my own ideas

-use allot of color

logical & Intuitive

sometimes I like to read through things carefully so I can fully understand what to do, but in some cases i just jump right in and do what I feel is right

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