Team Radiant Joy Newsletter

Celebrating February and March Success

Celebrating YOU!

Hello!! It's a brand new day, ladies! Just wanted to remind you that it's not the pink box, the catalog, the customer or hostess special or the's YOU!
YOU ARE THE MAGIC! Believe it. You are the magic that brightens someone's day when you just call to touch base. You are the magic when you provide a fun evening to someone with all her girlfriends. You are the magic when the young mother gets her wish list for free. You are the magic when you introduce someone to the opportunity that pays her gas bill while her husband is laid off. You are the magic that gives your family a little (or a lot) of wiggle room in the monthly budget. You are the magic that eliminates that burden of debt. You are the magic that provides family extras or dream vacations. You are the magic that helps that woman increase her self worth knowing she was top consultant this month!
Do not underestimate the power that is in YOU!
Just so you matter what lies are being whispered in your ear.....I'm believing in YOU today.....& fully believing & trusting that God brought Thirty One to you for a very real reason and a very real purpose. Have you found it yet? You can't fail if you push forward.
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Qualified Consultants

Congratulation to Julia Larson and Jessical Tull for becoming a Qualified Consultant in March. Both of you have achieved your first $1000 in Personal Volume!
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Team Goals!

In an effort to improve my business I am setting and working towards specific personal and team goals each month! The potential to have a flexible schedule and earn a good income is too great to not be setting goals for myself. I want to share those with you each month and help you set and reach your own personal goals too! We truly are Better Together so share with me your goals so I can help hold you accountable as you do for me as well! :)

My April goal is...

$2000 in Personal Sales

$25,000 in Team Sales

4 New Recruits in our Entire Lineage and

40 Parties entered.

February was $14380 TS and 32 Parties with 2 Recruits

March was $10,871 TS with 21 Parties and 4 Recruits

I am so grateful to have you a part of our team! We are small but mighty and have lots of heart! I can't wait to celebrate with you next month!!

All my best,