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GTT Update - 1/8/2018

Hey GTT parents!

I know everyone is super excited to return to school! =)

I just wanted to thank everyone for their hard work last semester. Just a reminder that my tutoring day is on MONDAY after school. If students just need a computer, the library is usually open most days after school. You can also check out devices to use and free wifi from the library to take home as well.

Intro to GTT parents, PLEASE READ your section below, we will need some help from home with this!

If you need anything please text me, 512-937-2684 or email me at

Mr. Coach D.

Obligatory Calvin and Hobbes Cartoon

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Intro to GTT

We will be creating a video about our families this week. We will need 15 family photos and one 30 second video. I want students to be proud of their work so this will take a week or so to get quality work. If you can drop the pictures into their google drive would be ideal, they can bring a flash drive from home, or if need be you can email me at and I can forward your emails to your child because you will not be able to email them directly.


Students are in the Automation and Robotics unit in the Project Lead The Way/ Gateway to Technology program.

We will be learning about what a robot actually is this week. Students are going to be making a presentation about 3 different robots. Later on we will learn to code and build robots during this semester. Good times ahead!


Students are in the Energy and the Environment. Unit in the Project Lead The Way/ Gateway to Technology program.

We are going to learning about the many forms of energy and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will learn how to measure energy and how to use it efficiently.

Chapa 5K - March 30th, 2019 - 8am

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Click the link below for Parent Self Serve

Frequently Asked Questions

I failed an assignment. Can I redo it? How long do I have to do it?

  • Yes, you must redo the assignment for up to an 80.
  • You will have 5 days after it is graded to turn in the corrections.
  • Please EMAIL THE TEACHER so they can grade it!

Late work?

  • All students are required to complete all late work.
  • It is the student's responsibility to check the Google Classroom for their work.
  • Please EMAIL THE TEACHER so they can grade it!

Google... Google Mister Coach D..... Google... I can't even....

  • Please look at the bottom of this page for Google Classroom for Parents
  • This should help clear up many problems and questions that parents experience.

When is your ICU day?

  • My after school day is Monday from 3:40 - 5:00 pm.
  • All other days are by appointment only.
  • If you just need a computer to work on your assignment, the library is open most days after school. Please do not go there to play games and blame it on me.
  • There is also Free Wifi available from the Library. Look at the bottom of the page for more information.

Do you offer extra credit?

  • No, I believe in turning assignments on time and meeting deadlines are important traits to master now as students.
  • Students who turn in assignments on time make A's.
  • Students who do not meet deadlines make B's and C's.

Coach D, how did you become so funny?

  • It is a trait passed down from generations of D'Etcheverry's.
  • Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  • Hopefully this clears up some things.

What is PLTW? What is GTT?

Class Syllabus

Gateway To Technology Syllabus

Chapa Middle School 2018-19

Teacher Name: Alan D’Etcheverry Room Number: 221/222

Phone: (512) 268-8500 ext.47862 Email:

Tutoring Hours: Mondays After School Text: (512) 937-2684

Grading Categories / Weighted Scale

Major (Exams, Extensive Projects) = 60%

Minor (Daily Class Work, Quizzes) = 40%

Any failing grade can redone to earn up to an 80. Students get up to 5 days to make up the grade, then teachers do not have to accept it.

Supplies Needed for Gateway to Technology

  • Pencils and pens – Mechanical Pencils are preferred.

  • Folder – You must keep your work for each 9 weeks.

  • PLTW Engineering notebook (1 will be given to student)

GTT and High school credit: GTT A and GTT B are electives classes that count for high school credits. That being said, if a student chooses to not work hard in these classes, it can have a long lasting effect on a student’s GPA in high school. These courses will be challenging but that is why you are here. Introduction to Gateway is usually considered a 6th grade course and does not count towards high school credit.

Student Email or GMAIL : Hays CISD provides a safe Google email address to every student when they enroll in the district. Most parents agree to this when they register students at the beginning of the year. If you choose to not have your student have access to these accounts, please contact the counselors to get into another elective. We use these accounts everyday and they are vital to the instruction of this class.

Students will have a Gmail login that will look like the following. I stress the “g” following the @ symbol is the most often forgotten, so remember to include it.

OR look at the sample student below: James Hetfield

Google Classroom:

I will be utilizing Google Classroom this year in GTT as way for students to access assignments, quizzes, and other online activities. I highly recommend having parents getting a device or access to laptop with internet access for students this year. Most students already have a mobile device, and they are excellent tools to use for learning at home. Google Classroom and Google Drive are apps available on the App store and are highly recommended to be downloaded on mobile devices. While parents will not have their own access to the Google Classroom, students should remember their logins and be able to pull them up at a moment’s notice. Students are able to do the majority of assignments at home if they have access to the internet. Although grades will not be posted on the Google Classroom, that is where students will turn in the majority of their assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to email the teacher when they turn in their assignment late on Google Classroom.

PLTW Engineering Notebook and Portfolio Policy

Students will be required to create and maintain a GTT journal. This journal should remain in the classroom unless students use it for study purposes or to finish an assignment at home. It gives the student a place to write down notes, create sketches and take pride and ownership in their own work.

Homework Policy:

Homework can be given at least once per week but I usually don’t assign it. Mostly students who do not finish assigned work during the class period will be required to complete it at home. We will do more hands on activities in GTT so some of the things will not be able to done outside of the classroom.

District Absent Work Policy:

Students shall receive full credit for satisfactory makeup work, including tests, after an absence. When a student is absent, they have an equal number of days to make up their school work as they were absent. (Example, if the student is absent for 3 days, then they have 3 days to turn in all their assignments.)

Absent work is located online in the Google Classroom. It is the student’s responsibility to check the GOOGLE CLASSROOM STREAM to find out what was missed. Absent work that is not turned in at the appropriate time is considered late work. The student must notify the teacher when they complete any late work by email to ensure proper grading.

Behavior Consequences:

  • 1st offense: Warning / Teacher-Student Conference

  • 2nd offense: Lunch Detention – one day

  • 3rd offense: Lunch Detention – multiple days AND contact with parent.

  • 4th offense: After-School Detention, parent contact (phone call or email)

  • 5th offense: Office Referral resulting

Parent Email:

I try to use email to inform parents of upcoming assignments, projects and tests. Most of the time, I send parents and students the same email so everyone is on the same page. I will say that when my list is created, it only takes the first email of the parent who enrolled the child. So if you would like to add another email account of a spouse, please let me know.

Text Me!

I will be using a texting service this year through Google Voice. It is a number that you can text me at from 7am - 8pm. I know that texting is going to get a much quicker response than an email. Please feel free to text me with any concerns. My text number is (512) 937-2684

About the Teacher:

This is my 12th year as a teacher and my 10th year at Chapa Middle School. I graduated from Jack C. Hays High School in 2000 and Texas State University in 2005 with a degree in Exercise Sports Science. I was born in Austin, raised in Buda, and went to college in San Marcos, and then moved to Kyle when I started my career as a teacher. I have been married for the last 9 years and we have 2 kids and 2 dogs. I love barbeque, live music, and going to the river! . =)

Do you need Wifi at home?

You can check out a wireless Wifi router from the library for free.

Fill out and return the form below to the librarian and you can check out Chromebooks, or Ipads, or Wifi.

Please use this especially if your kid is in my class and does not have access to the internet at home. It is monitored to what they can access just like at school.

Google Classroom for Parents - Click Below

My Grandfather Joseph D'Etcheverry's Mailbox. Engineering at its finest.

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Who is Mister Coach D?

Your kids call may me Mister Coach D, but my name is Alan D'Etcheverry, pronounced (Dee - etch- uh- very). This is my 12th year as a teacher, my 10th year at Chapa, and my 4th teaching GTT. I was born in Austin, raised in Buda, and went to Texas State University. I love live music, BBQ, and snorkeling the San Marcos river. =)