School Library Media Center

February 2015

Ipads at Uptown

The USC media center now has an Ipad Cart. The school has obtained an Ipad cart from the district with 20 Ipads, and is now configured and ready to be used by the students. Some things to keep in mind and best practices are :

  • Students need to be introduced on the proper use of Ipads
  • Teacher should discuss proper use and care of an Ipad
  • Plan ahead before bringing students down to use the Ipads

Other things to consider before using the Ipads:

  • They must be used in the library
  • Schedule a time to use them in advance
  • Please give me notice if you need my assistance
  • The Ipads already have apps on them
  • If you have an application that you like or already use let me now (funds are available)

February Teacher Resources

February Library Schedule

  • Week of February 2nd-Rotation 1
  • Week of February 9th-Rotation 2
  • Week of February 16th-Rotation 1
  • Week of February 23rd-Rotation 2