Literacy Leaders and Learners


What is Reading Comprehension?

Comprehension is the reading for reading! It is the ability to read and process text and understand its meaning. Students are more likely to enjoy reading if they can comprehend what they are reading.
What Is Comprehension? The Five Components of Reading

Parent Activities

Talk about books and reading

Read books together and discuss. At the end of each page, chapter, or book talk about what happened. You can share books with older children by reading the same book separately. As you are reading, model your thinking out loud. Good questions to ask can include, “I wonder why the little girl is laughing in the picture? Will she make someone else laugh?” This demonstrates that reading and comprehension is an active process and we have to always be thinking about what we are reading.

Ask your child about their independent reading. You can ask questions like, "Where are you in the book? What do you think about what happened next?"

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