figurative language


Definition-A hyperbole is a figure of speech that includes an exaggeration which couldn't possibly happen in real life . Sometimes a hyperbole also compares two things, but the exaggeration distinguishes it from other figures of speech.

example-I know you've waited a million light years to learn about hyperboles !


Definition-Alliteration is the repetition of the first letter (or sound) of each word in a sentence ,phrase ,or poem.

Example-Voracious volcanoes vibrated the valley very violently.

Similes and Metaphors:

Definition-A Metaphor is a figure of speech that says one thing is the same as something else . A simile is a type of metaphor where two things are compared using the word "like or " as"

Example- She is as happy as a clam!


Definition-An idiom is a figure of speech. Idioms are expressions that mean something different than the words in the phrase might indicate.

Different idioms mean different things and can't be understood by looking in a dictionary . learning English spoken idioms can be done by paying attention to context clues where they occur and by learning what they mean.

example Don't chicken out! Idioms are fun.


Definition-Personification is the act of giving human traits, qualities, or actions to objects, concepts, or animals . people use personification in their writing to make it come alive! giving human qualities to objects, concepts, or animals creates an emotional reaction in readers. An emotional reaction will make the reader care about what they are reading. When someone cares what they are reading, they want to read more .

example-The stars are smiling at us!


Definition-Onomatopoeia is a word that originates from a sound. for example, neigh is an onomatopoeia word associated with the noise that horses make, ding dong is an onomatopoeia word associated with a noise of a car horn.

Example- Splat splash