Solar Panels

By Malayah

What are Solar Panels and What are they used for?

  • Solar Panels are used for electricity, the solar panels can be put on your roof which absorbs the sun which then turns into electricity.
  • Solar Panels are sustainable because it lasts forever,this is because solar panels need sun to absorb heat.
  • The sun is there forever.
  • When its a very sunny day, the stronger the light the more electricity produced.
  • When its a cloudy day the electricity won't be produced as much as the sunny day.
  • Solar Panels are used to supply energy to heating appliances, things such as a Straightener, Devices, Hairdryer and many more.
  • Coal and Fossil Fuels

When do people use them?

  • People use Solar Panels when you at home or at work, this depends if you have one or not.
  • You may use them at home at any time to use electricity for appliances and anything that uses electricity with a plug.
  • you can use them at work for using a computer or laptop.

Where do people use them?

  • Solar Panels are best located in hotter parts of the globe.
  • Solar Panels are found all over the globe and are mostly seen on roofs or buildings.

Why do people use them and why should people use them?

  • Using Solar Panels is a great idea
  • You will be surprised how much money you can save if you buy Solar Panels.
  • People should use Solar Panels because they are sustainable to our environment.
  • Electricity Bill in the future

What countries use them?

  • Worldwide
  • Globally
  • All over

How do they work?

  • Sunlight
  • Electrons inside
  • Flowing
  • Load
  • Solar Panel
  • Battery
  • Appliances

Solar Panel diagram

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