Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

By Nikita Kleyner

Beethoven: His Tragic Story

Ludwig van Beethoven was born on Bonn, Germany December 17, 1770. His family consisted of 6 siblings and his parents, Maria and Johann. He grew up miserably, for his father was an alcoholic. When he discovered Beethoven's talent he only thought to use it as a source of income. He loved his mother but, at the start of Beethoven's adulthood she unfortunately died.

Beethoven had a temper but still managed to gain friends such as Bach, Haydn, and Salieri; all also famous composers. Beethoven's life took a turn for the worst when at the young age of 28 he began to loose his hearing. He began furiously looking for cures but to no avail. This did not stop Beethoven, he continued composing, playing, and conducting. Sadly, on March 26, 1827 Mozart died.

Where Beethoven Lived

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany and later in life moved to Vienna.

Beethoven's Music

Beethoven composed many pieces in his life including 9 symphonies. He also wrote many other famous pieces such as Für Elise.
The Best of Beethoven


Portrait of Beethoven:

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Map of Germany:

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