Ms. Ahlquist's Kindergarten Class

Tour Ms. Ahlquist's Classroom

Overall view of the classroom

Noun, Verb, and Star student poster

Word Wall Bees

These word wall bees are located in different spots around the room for students to read!

Word family posters

Here are some of the word family posters- ar, og, ing

Center groups

Here are the groups and the different centers that each group rotates to.

Computer Center

This is where computer center takes place. There are two students to a computer.

Word Work Center

Students complete word work here during centers.

Classroom Library

This is the classroom library, where library center also takes place. Books are sorted based on type and on level.

Literacy Wall and Writing Center

Here are posters that explain what students should do in reading concerning strategies.

There are also question words posters and posters about writing topics and what writing looks like.

This is also where writing center takes place.

Word Wall

Above contains the Dolch word wall words that students can take off of the wall to use.


Here is where you find the calendar, the schedule, and the I can statements for the day.

Literacy Activities

Here are all of the literacy activities students can use.

Class Rules

These are student made rules as well as their pictures showing they will follow these rules.

Extra Information

Here are some additional posters and direction boards.