Poem theme

What is Theme?

Theme is the teaching that the reader learns by reading the story. Not the setting as many people think it is. The dictionary definition is, subtract of a talk a piece of writing a persons thoughts, or an expediton, a topic

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What dose poem have to do with theme?

Most poems have a theme even though it's hard to find sometimes because the theme is hidden and you have to read between the lines.

A common misunderstanding

A common misunderstanding is that a poems theme is what the poem is about even though it is the common lesson of the poem

the theme of a poem

The theme of a poem is the lesson for example respect nature.
The theme could be respect natuere even though the poem tells about grasshoppers or lions or plants because the universal theme would still be respect nature and all its beings or something similar.

How many types of themes are there?

Well, their are a gazillian different types of themes.

Common poem themes

Sadness,love,children's poems and religious poems


You tube Determine the theme of a poem--lesson 7\7(Common core standard.6.2)