Autumn 2017

Made Talents Newsletter

Online Launch! - Please Support and Follow Us!

It is official! After a long wait, we have launched online with the debut of our website, Instagram, and Facebook Page! Please join our community and support us by following, liking and commenting on us on our social media accounts and STAY TUNED for cool videos, upcoming classes and fun new things we are up to! We love hearing from you so feel free to share your experience and feedback of our new site.

*SPECIAL MESSAGE* Thank you everyone for all of your support on this journey. After months I have FINALLY launched and begun to share our talents with the everyone outside of our studio community. I am very grateful for everything and everyone that helped get us to where we are today and can't wait to see where our community will grow to next. If you want to get involved somehow or start dancing, please let me know, our studio is open to everyone. Love, Z (Zarina Reed)


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Kids Dance Classes

Our kids program is structured to teach the kids rhythm, musicality, and movement, in a fun and social environment. Each month they will learn different elements and styles of dance, incorporating them into routines. In addition to dance, the kids learn cooperation, focus, team work and individual expression all while building confidence. All of the kids in our programs have the opportunity to perform and compete together! Classes are held at our studio on:

Saturdays @ 1:00-2:00

& Sundays @ 2:00-3:00

Made Company Team

Made Company is a team of committed individuals who are dedicated to growing their dance talents together. This team values hard work, commitment, a supportive attitude and fun! Our company team rehearses every Sunday at the studio from 3:00pm-5:00pm. The season starts in September and ends in June! Over this time our team will work hard together on their routines and creative projects, getting ready to preform and compete throughout the season. We are currently accepting new members to join us for our competitive season. If you or someone you know may be interested, please send us a message or give us a call!

Upcoming Events