Rangers Apprentice Kings of Clonmel

By: Bryce Souden (book by John Flanagan)

The three main characters in this book are Halt, Will, and Horace

Why are they in Clonmel?

Will, Halt, and Horace all ride alongside each other through the countryside to find the cult known as the Outsiders. The outsiders are a so called "religious group" who go from kingdom to kingdom claiming to pray to god to protect them when they are the ones who cause the devastation through the kingdom of Clonmel.

Whats the theme of the novel?

The theme is based on the religious cult that is taking over the country side. And Will, Halt, and Horace are sent to investigate.


Halt, Horace, and Will all go to speak to the king of Clonmel who was unknowingly to Will and Horace Halts brother. The group studies the movement and how the cult operates before talking to the king. And the king or Halts brother is clueless and craves power so Halt and Horace since Halt and his brother look much alike knock the old king out and Halt stages as the king to assert a dominant power over the cult. The story concludes with the cult defeated and the cult leader dead and his assassins taken out by Will.