Nov. 3 Vol. 12

Digital Astrophotography PBL

The GMS STEM Academy classes will be involved in an astronomy program entitled “Youth Capture The Colorful Cosmos.” This program is sponsored by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution, and the Harvard College Observatory.

Each STEM student will become an astronomer-photographer and capture digital pictures of objects in outer space, using real robotic telescopes that they control via the Internet. Then they'll use computer software and their artistic creativity to present their favorite views of the universe by building an astronomy photo exhibit, 3-dimensional sculptures, and/or digital presentations.

The unit will begin tomorrow with a visit from the Fort Worth Museum's mobile planetarium. We will also have visiting astronomers teaching about telescopes and distance learning engagements. It should be a wonderful experience for everyone!

GMS Star Party

Join us on Wednesday evening Novemeber 12th from 6:00-8:00p.m. for a Star Party. We will have guest astronomers bring their telescopes to share the night sky with us. Everyone will have the chance to view the constellations. Bring your chairs, picnic blankets and families for a great night.

STEM Student Spotlight

Important Dates this Week:

  • STEM T-shirt orders due Order Form
  • Remaining balance of field trip due
  • Report Cards come home
  • Cookie Dough Order Pickup

STEM Magazine

FREE STEM MAGAZINE AVAILABLE FOR PARENTS EACH MONTH Have you noticed that each month, on our campus website, we post a link to a FREE STEM magazine? Please take the time to explore this wonderful resource each month and discuss articles with your children and family! There are some wonderful connections to the work we are doing with STEM at GMS in each month's issue. Click here to access this month's issue!

In this month's issue, there is a great article that talks all about the importance of STEM in school and it highlights the use of the Engineering Design Process.​