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January 2021 - Special Edition

A Letter from the Counseling Department at VPS

The events that recently occurred in Washington, DC have the potential to fuel emotion within families, resulting in varied experiences for children. As a school, we want to provide support and guidance during this challenging time where children are witnessing several stressful events within a relatively short time frame.

Periods of uncertainty can be an opportunity to build resiliency and strength. It is important to work together to foster supportive relationships, help children understand their emotional reactions, and teach effective coping and conflict resolution strategies.

Amid the turmoil, it is important to reinforce to our students that we are supportive and committed to creating and sustaining a culture of caring and civility throughout our schools. Here are some considerations of how to support your children at home:

  • In an unpredictable world, we can offer consistent structure and routine for children.

  • We can provide a safe place to talk and encourage healthy and safe coping strategies.

  • Setting limits on television and social media can be helpful to minimize exposure and fears.

  • We can be role-models on how to respond to stress.

  • We can let children know that they are safe and be available to listen and provide unconditional support.

At the bottom are additional resources to help students process the events that have unfolded. It is important to have resources at your disposal to encourage constructive and growth-producing conversations.

Please know there are caring adults available in our schools if children need help processing recent events. Thank you for your partnership and support of your child’s social-emotional well-being. As always, please reach out at any time for additional support or guidance.


The Counseling Department at VPS

Julie Braniecki, Emily Hopkins-Ives, Kara Kupinski, and Tania Zazulak-Angelini


National Association of School Psychologists: Tips for Parents Supporting Children

PTANational : Discussion Difficult Situations with Your Children

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