World War 2



1. an estimated 1.5 million children died in the holocaust; About 1.2 million being jewish.

2.Russia and the Red Army were accused of several war crimes (systematic mass rape &

Genocide were the most common).

3.The Battle at Stalingrad is said to be the bloodiest battle in history

4.From 1940-1945 the U.S. defense budget went from 1.9 billion to 59.8 billion

5.650,000 jeeps, 300,000 military aircrafts, 89,000 tanks, 3 million machine guns, & 7 million rifles were manufactured in the U.S. during World War 2

short explanation

When Adolf Hitler, a dictator of Germany, took over Poland Great Britain and france declared war. They didnt start to act until 1940, a year after the declared war. Great Britain and France launched an attack on Denmark and Norway, followed shortly by Belgium and Norway.

Germany then launched an attack on Britain through the air. that was the first military failure of Germany, The Battle of Britain. this allowed France to attack Britain since Adolf Hitler was planning the next attack.

many things happened with Germany and France and Britain but in 1941 Japan launched an attack on Pearl Harbor, a military base in Hawaii. This angered the U.S. and then we joined the fight.

After four more years of fighting, in 1945 the Allied powers won the war.

pictures of WW2

when the war ends

Adolf Hitler : dictator of Germany

important people

Joe louis

joe louis is a boxer and when he boxed a german boxer, Max schmeling, he lost the first time and had a rematch a year later and won giving hope and confidence to the American people

Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. the 3rd

Why i chose World War 2

I chose World War 2, because I wanted to continue my knowledge of the war.