Digital Citizenship Project

Winter L.,p.6

1. Digital Etiquette

Rule#1- Ask before you post: If the picture is of someone else then ask them before you you post it to make sure it is okay with them.

2. Informational Privacy

Rule#2- Personal information: Be careful on who you give your email, address, phone number ect... Some people are capable of doing things you don't expect.

3.Social Networking

Rule#3- Privacy: For an example if someone tries to contact you in a way, on social media or on normal message to decline their message.

4. Online Saftey

Rule#4- Good and bad sights: Have your parent check if the sight or app to make sure it is safe for you to be on.


Rule#5- Responsability: If someone is cyber bullying you, you need to let someone know and have evidence of what the person is saying to you.


Rule#6- Own Ideas: When you have to get information or write a story of some sort, you have to make sure you give credit to the person that first did that story or go the information. If not you're taking credit for someone else's hard work.


Rule#7- Owners right: If you are the owner of the song, story, information ect.. You have the option to let people share your work or copy it. It is your choice to let people have to capability of letting people take advantage over your work.

Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship: This is basically anything to do with online things. It is rules that you should follow while being online, also what you should think about before you do anything you think you shouldn't. This is important because these rules are important to follow while being online. A lot of people are capable of things you don't expect. Watch the video below to find out more!
Digital Etiquette