Poem flyer


Color poem

Green is a Dragon

Green is a Planet

Green smells like granny smith apples

Green tastes like fresh broccoli

Green sounds like frogs croaking

Green looks like a tropical island

Green feels like nature

Green makes me happy and proud

Green is a metal



Hands oh hands you help me so.

You help me write you help me play and climb.

The knuckles of yours help me so by punching robbers.

The fingers of yours help me eat and drink.

You help me carry and hold stuff.

Cause of you I can do everything I need to do.

Thanks for sticking with me



I ate a spicy bean burrito.

It shot me to mars.

Then it shot me to a wormhole .

It shot me through a titanium tank.

Then it got my pants on fire.

then it shot me to earth.

it finally shot me to taco world.

Then i ate another .

Then aliens attacked me .

They abducted me.

Then they shot me with a burrito.

The aliens ate me .


Makes me Think of

Money makes me think of toys.

Toys makes me think of legos

Legos makes me think of building

Building makes me think of Minecraft

Minecraft makes me think of movies

Movies makes me think of explosions

Explosion makes me think of money



There once was a dog A

That had a blog A

He also had a bite B

That hurt like a might B

The dog was scared of fog A

there once was a tree A

that had a fee A

he had a book B

that was wood B

then he bought a tree and paid a fee A


Rhyme scheme

There once was a dog. A

That dog had good sight. B

Then a clown scared it. C

Then the dog bite him with mite. B

There once was a eagle. A

He saw a bowl of rice. B

Then he attacked a beagle. A

He saw a big mice. B

Then he ran into boat. C



I am a dragon

I destroy castles

Breathing fire i burn down tree's

Join me or die

I eat metal and bricks

I rule supreme

I am a dragon



A giant dingo

Running after a human

Then chases a cat



My eyes like the brown bark

My laugh is a chipmunk

My hair is a porcupine

My attitude is a wolf

My spirit is a eagle

My poem is thrown like a bomb

I am a fluffy bunny

I am nature




fun and cool

spill and stack ,fall

happy to have it