Tustumena Elemetary Newsletter

August 29, 2013

Back at full speed!

We have gotten off to a great start already thanks to the outstanding staff here at Tustumena. For the next couple of weeks we will be finishing our initial assessments of students to make sure we understand what they remember from last year and that our lessons are tailored to their needs.

As I mentioned in our first newsletter, Tustumena received a 4-Star rating in the state school assessments. For most schools, that would be great, but we have even higher goals. We intend to continue to refine the culture and expectations of our school until the goal of “every child reaching their full potential” is realized. We received high marks in Reading and we did pretty well in Math as well, but our science, even though we gained 10 percentage points, is still an area we can increase our support. This week during our staff meeting, our entire staff reported what they are doing to bring science to the front burner. Some of these practices are:

· including science topics (non-fiction) in Reading programs

· a science fact of the day for our announcements

· science journal writing

· science word of the week in class newsletters

· hands on science activities

· science vocabulary walls

· and more...

Parents can help by talking with our children about science topics, increasing your use of high level science-based vocabulary, and just showing a natural curiosity about how the world around us works.

Another area on the state report that parents can help with is attendance. As I stated earlier, 90% of our students need to have a 96% attendance rate for us to receive all the points awarded for attendance. We will do our best to make school a fun, safe, and inviting place to learn. Parents, please model the value of an education by scheduling hunting, fishing, berry picking and other family activities on weekends or vacations. If all our absences were merely because of illness, we would make the mark easily.

Our Boys and Girls Club is growing. There is still room available in both the "before school" and "after school" programs. Currently approximately 10 students are dropped off around 7:30am so parents can get to work on time. Students have a warm and safe place to do crafts, catch up on homework if needed, and have breakfast (either sent from home or the school breakfast program.) If you have any questions please stop by school or contact Michele Hayman at: mhayman@positiveplaceforkids.com

Thank you for being part of the Tustumena Family.


Doug Hayman


Music Information

From Miss Meadows

There will be an information packet sent home next Tuesday with 5th and 6th graders concerning this year's band program. This packet will include details about opportunities to aquire instruments (the first one will be Thursday, Sept. 5 at 7pm, SMS). If you have any questions please contact Miss Meadows at kmeadows@kpbsd.k12.ak.us

Our band practice sessions will begin within the next two weeks.