HSE21 in Action at BSE

Curriculum and Instruction

Celebrate the Small Stuff

Whew. Tornadoes, rain, and storms -oh my! It's been quite a week around here! It might be hard to catch your breath from getting to know your students and new staff members to Meet the Teacher night and PLCs to IPad roll outs, newsletters, and emails...shall I go on? But in the midst of it all, I saw teachers whose passion for their profession elevated the honorable title of teacher. At some point this weekend, take time to reflect on your accomplishments this week; find the positive in something that worked, or a risk you took, or a special moment you shared with children. Celebrate the Small Stuff.

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Student Display Open Dialogue - FOCUS: PURPOSE, PROCESS, PRODUCT

Join Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Porzuczek, and me for discussion about displaying student work on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST FROM 8:00-8:30 IN THE MEDIA CENTER. There are some really creative and forwarding thinking displays lining our walls. Let's have an open, honest discussion about how we can show our students' thinking and collaborative efforts.


Click here for a Power Point overview of Words their Way.

Rolling out those IPADS


"A tool that can be exciting and meaningful, connect us across the globe, and engage learners in innovative opportunities to learn, explore, and grow."

- Muhtaris and Ziemke, Amplify

There was a moment in this week that made me pause. I was in a 4th grade meet the teacher night presentation. Let me paint the picture. Twenty parents positioned on chairs (yoga balls), holding their own child's IPAD as they were immersed via video creation into "a day in the life" featuring their 4th grader. It was silent as smiles crept across faces and giggles were heard out loud. Here, they were seeing into and hearing the sounds of their child's world ; a tiny example of how technology can break down walls.

Fountas & Pinnell

Many of you have been working on your fall benchmark assessments with F&P. Some of you are patiently waiting for your own kits; teammates are sharing in the meantime - thank you for taking care of one another! If you need anything to get started or have questions, please see me. Also, just as a reminder for us all as we work through these -offer students a compliment and a coaching point. Immediate feedback is so valuable! If you have further questions about how to benchmark, please see me. There will be more coming soon on where to record your students' level.

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MORE TIME. It's something we need and want but just can't seem to find. Ever feel that way? Have you ever been curious about something a colleague is trying and would love to see it for yourself? Beginning after Labor Day, I will be offering a number of release times to teachers each week. The idea is that I come in and teach YOUR class, (no lesson plans, post it notes and an overview will suffice; or I can bring my own lesson or read aloud) YOU observe ANOTHER class! Start thinking about who you'd like to observe and what you have to share with others!
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