Early Childhood Director Coaching

Dedicated Time to Make Progress

In our second year, this amazing program is designed for directors and assistant directors in Jewish Early Childhood.

"Who exactly seeks out coaching? Winners." ~Chicago Tribune

  • Monthly coaching sessions with an experienced Jewish Early Childhood Educator, who has 30 years of experience in Jewish Early childhoods programs.
  • 10 years of experience coaching schools and private clients nationally.

"I would recommend this program to other new directors."


$1,000 to continue the program for 2016-2017 (includes Paradigm Conf. Registration Fee)

$1,250 for those new to the program this year (includes Paradigm Conference Registration Fee)

"Seeing the warmth you exude & the love you transmit made the coaching meaningful on many levels."

For more information, and other options for this coaching program, please contact Denise Moyes-Schnur.

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