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Welcome to are family at Eternal Rest Funeral Home

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Why wait for your funeral start planning now!

Instead of leaving everything on your family and friends why not pick out your casket and see how it will look. It will also create less stress on family and friends. You never have to pay up front you can have different payment plans as the years go on.
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Families and friends planning a funeral?

For the families we know it will be hard to come in a pick out a casket for a family member or decide if they will be cremated. We understand how you are mourning a lost and we are here to help you through this process. We can provide a selection from you to choose from and to see what would best fit your family member. Some questions to answer as you come in to are funeral home.

  • Does your loved one prefer a funeral or memorial service?
  • Will there be a wake or a viewing?
  • Will there be a grave side service?
  • Do you prefer open or closed casket during the service?
  • Are there any poems, stories, Bible verses, or readings you would like to include in your service?
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We help all cultures we turn no one away! We will sit down with you and understand what exactly you want done with your loved one. We have several different cultures we have worked with like Jewish, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. We understand the different rituals that each must go through when preparing there dead to move on. We work with all cultures on their ways back home.
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How to pay for your funeral or a loved one?

We know how hard it is to pay for a funeral and how expansive it is to afford. We have seen some of our competition have prices from 6,000 to 7,000 dollars for burial and all other cost. We plan to help you for less, we can help you save where you need to save and still help our self at the same time. We can even do payment plans as you so your not paying all at once and breaking yourself to make your loved one that is gone comfortable. We understand and are willing to help.


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