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SkillSet Organizing Newsletter August 2014

For me, the month of August has always been almost like New Year's. I was the weird kid who loved the start of school (still do...for different reasons!). Getting new supplies, starting new classes, and looking forward to the cooler days of fall have always energized me. By the time you read this newsletter, I will have had the honor to present for the second time at the National Women's Survivors Convention at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, and speaking to those courageous ladies is always energizing too. They remind me that we can take nothing for granted in this life, that all days and seasons hold special promise, and that self-care is an important gift. Why not give yourself the gift of some organizing? Read on for inspiration (and check out pics from the event)...

The First Week of August - National Simplify Your Life Week

Can it get any better than a whole week devoted to simplifying? Try these seven things to cut back on the complications of your life:

1. Unsubscribe from ALL of the email newsletters and special offers you never read. If you're afraid of missing out, try Unroll.Me (https://unroll.me/) to round up all of the subscriptions so you can make quick decisions about where they ultimately end up.

2. Tired of trying to match up socks? Buy multiple sets of the same sock in the same color. Because really, who is looking at your socks??

3. Let go of one commitment. That's right, just call or email the parties involved and tell them you need to say no. You were dreading it, you were doing it out of a sense of obligation, and there is probably someone out there who's better for the job anyway. The sun will still rise tomorrow.

4. When was the last time you checked through all of your recurring charges on your debit or credit card? I'll bet there's something on there you no longer need or use (an online subscription? the gym membership?) so take a few minutes to cancel and then figure up how much you're saving in a year.

5. Purge a drawer. Or a bookshelf. Or the top of your desk. Take an hour and just do it.

6. Clear out all of the unused, un-accessed files on your computer. It should make what you DO need much easier to find quickly. I checked my Downloads folder the other day, and um...I had over 2700 files. I had it down to half that in about 30 minutes.

7. Walk the dogs. Or the kids. Or just yourself. :-)

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci

Survey Results Are In!!

Back in June I asked the following in my survey:

"Have you ever let go of something you later regretted? What was it?"

The overwhelming response?? An item of clothing.

Ack!! I was a little surprised. I would have guessed the majority would be along the lines of more permanent items like a collectible or a book. In some cases, the clothing was let go of because it didn't fit, and in at least one it was discarded by mistake. Regardless, it seems we are pretty well attached to our attire (and come to think of it, I am still lamenting a black wool sweater that I donated because it "shed" too much). My takeaway? Perhaps we ALL identify a little too closely with what we wear.

Thanks for all of the responses! Look for another fun survey in September's issue.
When Are YOU The Most Productive?

A SkillSet blog post that explores the recent buzz on early risers...

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August Office Tip

What to do with that HUGE pile of paper on your desk (aside from sweeping it all straight into the trash)?? Set a timer for 20 minutes and work through what you can in that segment. Scan it, file it, or shred it. Reassure yourself you CAN stop after 20 minutes if you want or need to. Tomorrow - repeat. The day after that - repeat. The day after that...you get the idea. In a week it should be much more manageable.

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