Welcome to 6th Grade Science

Emily Michelle Sisson


Hi, my name is Emily Michelle Sisson, and welcome to my digital House thingy! Here you will find my projects from this year, including my 30 hands project, PBL earthquake project, and my Invention Convention project. I hope you enjoy looking at my work, and have fun during the rest of open house!

Earthquake PBL Project

What Is the PBL Project?

During our Earthquake unit, our class was assigned a group project in which we would have to build a quake safe home for Tony Stark someplace in California. The driving question of the project was: How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? Our design for the house was a two story, secured by cross braces, foundation, and tension ties. Overall, I learned about Structural Engineers, securing home that are in an earthquake prone area, and how to work well in a team.

30 Hands Project

What I Learned from this Project

This project is a slideshow, in which we had to answer many environmental questions about the ozone, destruction of the atmosphere, human impact, and more. I learned about what was happening above us, and how we can help to slow the destruction. I liked this project because it let us be creative with our slides, since we were using pic collage to create them.

Invention Convention

What did I create?

This was a group project, in which I was in a group with Brianna Dixon, and Makena Wynne. Our invention is a solar and wind powered factory, which regroups oxygen into tri oxygen (or 03), and releasing it up to the ozone. This would rebuild the ozone, and it would be an environmentally friendly machine.
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My favorite Unit

Plate Tectonics Unit

I liked the Plate tectonics because it was fun to learn about what goes on inside the earth. One of the tings I enjoyed was watching the Alfred Wegner video on Haiku. I also liked this unit because we had a lot of time to review and study for the unit test.
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