Tracking poster- PAUL

Pauls choices

Choice/effect/ Text evidence

1. play soccer at Windsor down/ Became goalie/"I was now the Lake Windsor Middle School goaltender.

2.go to funeral for mike/ Joey finds out he gets kicked off the team/ "I got kicked off the team."

3.go to carnival/ Saw things he shouldn't have/"The guys I had seen at the entrance with the soccer ball, waiting to go in."

4. tell on the boys at tangerine MS/ He might get hurt by them if they saw him and found out he told on them/ "

5. help save people during sinkhole/Saves peoples live/"halfway down in the mud"

6. Go to tangerine MS/New try at a school/"I'm going to Tangerine Middle school."

7. Join soccer team at Tangerine MS/ finally gets to play soccer/"As soon as I got to practice this morning."

8. Went to Tinos house to help with the citrus farm/he gets to know about his new school more/"Went to Tinos house to help with the citrus farm."

9. Scared a kid from him/ Made him feel worse/"the kid rode away on his bike

10. Buried his face in dirt/got to know Luis better/"burying his face into the ground."

11. went to the memorial of Mike Costello/Brought back bad memories./"we rode in complete silence all the way to Mike Costello's memorial

12. Tackled a football coach/Got in trouble/ "Jumping on top of the coach"

Tangerine By: Edward Bloor Trailer