Macquarie Island

Can you do your bit to keep Macquarie Island alive?

Macquarie Island pest eradication

Over the past 200 years, a number of alien invertetebrates, mammals and birds species were introduced to Macquarie Island. Some have had serious impact on the island's native flora and fauna. Over the past years horses, donkeys, pigs, catlle, goats, dogs and sheep are slowly dying. At the moment, pests are damaging the flora and fauna's homes by trampling all over these precious things. If this problem continues, Macqaurie Island may as well disappear!
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Rabbits damaging wildlife homes

Rabbits are damaging flora and fauna by trampling over wildlife and plants. Rabbits must be taken to another place to protect Macquarie Island from wreaking havoc. By using highly trained dogs to find the rabbits, they can be used for getting rabbits out from holes. It can be very problematic to eradicate rabbits from the island as they breed extremely quickly.

Macquarie Island sea level

Macquarie Island is situated in between New Zealand and Antarctica. RIght now, Antarctica is melting due to global warming. If this continues, the sea levels will rise. All the Royal Penguins and Elephant Seals will be long gone from the island, by the ice melting in Antarctica due to global warming.

You can do your bit to conserve Macquarie Island by planting a tree and using green reusable bags instead of plastic bags.