Abortion, Legal or Illegal?

Should we have the choice?

Legal Abortion- Pro-Choice- Pros

  • Anti-abortion stances are more likely to be based on religion which violates the imperative need for separation of state and religion.
  • Abortion gives couples the option to not have a child with severe, life-threatening medical conditions or in the case of financial insufficiency.
  • Motherhood shouldn't be a punishment for sexual intercourse (forced or not).
  • A baby should never be born into the world unwanted.
  • The fetus doesn't feel pain.

Legal Abortion- Pro-Choice- Cons

  • Women should use contraceptives, not abortion, to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  • Abortions reduce the number of adoptable babies.
  • Abortion providers are in the business to make money, not to assist clients.
  • Abortion terminates the possibilities of societal changes a human can make.
  • Abortion increases the likelihood of future miscarriages.

Our Opinion

Abortion should be circumstantial. If a baby is going to have a severe birth defect we think that the parents should have a choice. In the case of a rape, the woman should have a choice, but be encouraged to have the baby and then give it up for adoption. The fetus technically isn't a human being by definition because it can't eat, breathe or even live without the mother until it exits the womb. We must remember that most abortion views are based upon religion and we can't bring our religion into the question of someone else's life and decisions. But, in the case of an accidental pregnancy due to the lack of preparation for sexual intercourse, if the baby is going to be completely healthy, we believe that the mother should have the child because it wasn't the babies fault that it was conceived.