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Mrs. Jacobs Algebra 1 Class

4th six weeks

Hello and welcome back to all from a fabulous Winter break. We have had many things happen in our Metroplex this break. From great family gatherings for the holidays to unexpected Tornado damages in our area. Please don't forget about those families that need help. The American Red cross is a great way to start helping.

This week I have been talking with the students about what is expected of them in the classroom here at McDonald. They are to understand the classroom expectations which are bringing a spiral notebook, pencil, homework from previous night, respect each other, help each other, and participate in the classroom. They all agreed that their should be active participation in class by asking questions, bringing materials, and have positive speech when talking with each other.

They have also suggested a packet for the week. Which I can agree with them about. The students are wanting a packet of the work for the week that will be due on Friday. And if they turn it in early they can receive extra points for completing early. I have decided to start the packet next week. This should give me some time to prepare. They also requested about a class pet such as a fish. Which is in progress, but we should have one soon.

I reminded the students that this class is a Algebra 1 high school credit class. It is imperative for them to stay engaged with homework and classwork to earn that commended score on their E.O.C exam in May. The E.O.C is like the STAAR. It's just called the end of course exam for high school. We want all of them to earn commended so we are not in summer school taking this class again.

This six weeks is very busy with a lot of new material that they have never seen before. We started off with Exponents this week and next week we will have our DCP #2. This DCP will determine the tutoring times and when we need certain students to come for remediation. You will receive a letter for this information.

Below I provided an outline of our calendar of lessons for this six weeks.

4th Six Weeks Calendar

4th six weeks calendar

4th 6 Weeks:

Week 1(1/4 – 1/8)

Lesson 6.1 – Properties of Exponents – Day 1 (multiplication, division, negative, zero) - A.11 B (R)

Lesson 6.1 - Properties of Exponents – Day 2 (product to product, application) - A.11 B (R)

Lesson 6.2 – Radicals and Rational Exponents - GT/Pre-AP only – Ex. 1 and 2 - A.11 B (R)

Week 2 - (1/12 – 1/15)

Test #1/ District Checkpoint #2

Lesson 6.3 – Exponential Functions - A.9 A (S), A.9 B (S), A.9 C (R), A.9 D (R),A.9 E (S)

Week 3(1/19 – 1/22)

Lesson 6.4 – Exponential Growth and Decay - A.9 B (S), A.9 C (R), A.9 D (R)

Lesson 6.5 – Geometric Sequences - A.12 D (S)

Week 4 - (1/25 - 1/29)

Lesson 6.6 – Recursively Defined Sequences - GT/Pre-AP only – Ex. 5 - A.12 C (S)

Test #2

Lesson 7.1 – Warm-up/Introduction (Delete example 1 and 3) and Lesson 7.2 – Multiplying Polynomials - A.10 A (S), A.10 B (S), A.10 D (S)

Week 5(2/2 – 2/5)

**GT - Algebra 1 classes will need to add Section 7.3 to their 4th 6 weeks calendar.

Lesson 7.4 – Dividing Polynomials - GT/Pre-AP only – Synthetic Division (Ex. 5) - A.10 C (S) and Campus Checkpoint #4

Lesson 7.5 – Solving Polynomial Equations in Factored Form - A.8 A (R)

Week 6(2/8 – 2/12)

Lesson 7.6 and 7.7 – Factoring – (No Solving Equations) A.8 A (R), A.10 D (S), A. 10 E (R)

Lesson 7.8 – Factoring Difference of Two Squares and Solving Equations- A.8A (R), A.10 D (S), A.10 E (R), A.10 F (S)

Lesson 7.9 – Factoring Polynomials Completely and Cumulative Activity - A.8 A (R), A.10 D (S), A. 10 E (R)

Week 7 – (2/16 – 2/19)

6 Weeks Test

Mrs. Jacobs

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns