Marilu Alvarez

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Safety during Tornando

1. Keep calm and seek shelter

2. If in car or school quickly exit

3. If in open space DO NOT try to outrun a tornado

4. lie flat in nearest flat are (area)

5. If in house STAY AWAY from windows

6. NO BASEMENT!look for closet or bathroom with NO windows

7.Cover self with sturdy piece of furniture,table,bed,stairwell

8. STAY LOW do not go upstairs!

Classifying Tornados

  1. Weak Tornado's do slight damage
  2. Moderate Tornado's can uproot trees slightly harm roofs
  3. Strong Tornado trees destroyed,house shifted,flag poles deformed.
  4. Violent Tornado's good sections of buildings demolished
  5. Extreme Tornado's deforming buildings incredibly violent winds
Helicopter Sucked Into Tornado