Technology- then, now, the future

what computers and technology was, is, and is going to be.

The technology then.

The technology back in the day was much more different then it is today. the computers were bigger, slower, and louder for that matter. the technology wasn't as advanced as it is today. you couldn't be on the computer and the phone at the same time. there was dial up. and even further back you had to code to use the computer. In the 90s' you had to pay for email, and if there was a land-line you couldn't use it if the computer was on. there was very few things you could do. Back in the day there was social media such as aol, but other than that there was nothing. the first computer ever took up an entire room, that computer was the ENIAC.

The technology now.

the technology now is much more advanced then the past. We have wifi, laptops, mobile phones, more social media. The computers now are also much thinner, I mean they don't look like boxes, and they don't take up the entire room either. Today no body uses land lines any more, and even if we did we could be on the land-line and the computer at once. In today's day in age we have touch screens, google, and apps that can do almost anything. The computers now like the macbook, or dell are thinner, have more storage space, have better internet, and can do at least 10 times as much as the ENIAC.

Some of the technology today

The technology of the future

what I think future technology will be like.

No body knows what the future has to hold for us in technology. I predict to have holograms, and thin as paper computers. I think google will either be obsolete or over ruling the world. The wifi will be faster then ever. I think iphones/apple will be gone and another company will over rule them. We will have clear, holographic phones.