Philip II of Spain

Map of What Philip II Ruled

The richest part of Spain that Philip II owned was the Netherlands.

Philip II's Family Tree

Philip II was born on May 21,1527 and died in 1598. Philip II of Spain married four people through out his life time and every time he married someone he would form an alliance with the country they are from. The women he married are Maria of Portugal, Mary Tudor of England, Elizabeth Valois of France, and Anna of Austria. His first wife was his double cousin Maria and his fourth wife Anna was his niece. Charles V and Isabella of Portugal were Philip II's parents and he had a sister named Joan of Austria.

Three Achievements

  • Philip II enforced religious unity, turning the Inquisition on Protestants and people who were thought to be heretics.

  • Spain and their Italian Allies defeated an Ottoman fleet off the coast of Greece.

  • Philip II married Elizabeth of Valois which is the daughter of Henry II of France, that lead to the Peace of Cateau-Cambresis. For one generation, ended the open wars between Spain and France.

Government and Policies

Government: Philip II was the highest person of Spain at the time, he was an absolute monarch he had power over the people of Spain and their government. He ruled by divine right that means he believed he was supposed to rule because of God. He also wanted a rich government and to be a rich king.

Policies: The two policies that Philip II enforced to achieve having a richer country were high taxes and autocratic Spanish rule.