THE END: Puppy Mills

Out of the cage

Stop the Mills (the issue)

The main reason why puppy mills are still running is because of how much profit comes from their litters. Puppy Mills use the dogs for breading and selling. Our goal is to get rid of puppy mills. The way we will accomplish this is by educating our community and spreading the word though social media about what really goes down in puppy mills. Another way to attack this issue is to not buy dogs and puppies from pet stores, but instead adopt from shelters and give these dogs a good home.

Adopt Don't Shop (Take Action)

How we can solve this problem individually is by adopting instead of buying from Pet stores. How we can solve this problem on a state or national level is by joining people and organizations that are working on the same task like PETA. How you can solve this problem is by adopting.


What we Learned

This week at civics camp we learned how to be a good citizen by advocating. We are going to advocate by spreading the word about puppy mills through social media. We plan to try and stop puppy mills please help us with our goal. Remember adopt don't shop!

About Us

We are The Five Branches of George,






We are 6th graders wanting to make a changes in how puppy mills are ran. We are all only 11, but that isn't going to stop us on wanting to make a change. We understand the challenge that is upon us in attacking a multi-million dollar industry and we can't do this alone. We are passionate about lives of dogs and have started a hashtag #StopPuppyMills to use on social media. Help us make a change in these dogs lives.