Figurative Language

Idiom, Pun, Irony, Oxymoron, Cliche


Definition: A group of words whose collective meaning is quite different from their individual, literal meaning.

Example: One example of an idiom is spelling bee.

Literal meaning A bee that can spell very well.

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Definition: A variety of a usually humorous play on words involving the multiple

Example: An example of a pun is a chocolate milk shake.

The literal meaning is a chocolate bar and milk shaking hands.

The figurative meaning is a milk shake that is a chocolate flavor.

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Definition : the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

Example nothing is written in stone.

Figurative not every thing is the way you wanted.

Literal is nothing at all is written in stone

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Definition:a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.

An example of an oxymoron is experienced beginner. Which means he was a good beginner.

The figurative meaning is he was a really good player and just started.

Literal meaning is he is a really good player and has never played before.

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Definition: an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has become overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect, even to the point of being trite or irritating, especially when at some earlier time it was considered meaningful or novel.

Example: is do not cry over spilt milk.

Figurative meaning is don't sweat the big things.

Literal meaning is don't start to cry over milk that you spilt.

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Short Story

One day Jenna and I were going to the zoo. Then one morning Jenna yelled at me the early bird gets the worm.(idiom) So we got ready then after we got ready we both ate breakfast together. After we ate breakfast we started walking to the zoo. Then we got to the zoo when it opened but it had the closed sign was still on.(

irony) So we bought our tickets and watched a show about the sea animals.

Then when the show was over, we went to watch my sister paly softball and when we went to go out there it started to rain. After Madison finished her game she ran around with her friend. When we all got home we started to have a dance party. After the mini dance party we all waked to the tasty. When it was my turn to order I ordered a chocolate milk shake.(pun).

When my parents got home from work we all went for a walk with my dog. When we got back form our walk we went to a movie. After the movie we all went out to eat. My sister and I had some jumbo shrimp.(oxymoron). Before we left Maddie started to cry over spilt milk(cliché) because she left her toy on the table. Then we finally got home and went to bed.